My name is Kendra Last, and I am Pickle Bound Books.  I started the fine art of bookbinding in 2006.  I started taking classes because I needed something to do when my oldest child was born with 2 congenital heart defects.  I needed a creative outlet.  Creating beautiful books has been healing for me year after year.  I love to write in my journal each day, and what is better to write in than a special one-of-a-kind book?  

I have enjoyed learning many fine binding styles, and doing some artistic adventure on my own, and creating a few unique binding styles and methods.  I make fine hand-crafted books, art books, and teach classes.  I've had my books in local and international art shows, lectured to students at Purdue University, and taught in elementary schools. 

I use a variety of medium, with my favorites being fine papers, wood and leather. Each book I create is one of a kind, and bound with the utmost care and skill.  These books are made to last a lifetime and be handed down from generation to generation, using fine, first quality archival quality materials.

I am the mother of 3 awesome kids, who inspire me everyday.  I live just outside beautiful Seattle Washington and draw inspiration from the nature around me.  I love food, with pickles being a favorite since childhood, something I've passed on to all my kids.