Journaling to Recovery (New, Revised edition)

Journaling to Recovery (New, Revised edition)

This book is a beginners journal to help you start journaling.  There are now 31 (6 new) different journaling exercises. This was written specifically for the women who are healing from Betrayal Trauma, however, this book will be useful to anyone wanting to begin journaling.  So why not start today!?!  75 pages include both instruction and room to begin writing. 

A note from within the book:

Journaling helps us figure out who we are, what we need and what we want. It can help us make better decisions, and focus on the very things that support us in taking compassionate care of ourselves and others.

This Journal is not set up to be used in any particular order.  There may be journaling techniques that you love, and some you never use.  Just use the parts that speak to you and ignore the parts that don’t serve you.  Listen to your heart as you write.  I have found that as I listen to myself as I write I learn all kinds of new things.  Sometimes I write just so I can learn how I’m really feeling.  I find my voice through my pen.  I prefer to write things out by hand, but you may prefer to type them on a computer.  But I encourage you to write them, somehow, somewhere.  You may wish to write in a special journal that you keep and cherish, or you may choose an ordinary spiral notebook, or you may choose to write some things and then burn them.  If you remember nothing else, I want you to remember THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY TO JOURNAL.  Just write from your heart and you will always be doing it right!  Now….It’s time to start writing!!      -Kendra

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