Soft Spine Binding Workshop April 7, 2016

Soft Spine Binding Workshop April 7, 2016

Learn from skilled craftswoman Kendra Last as she takes you through the step-by-step process of binding a book.  At the end of this one day workshop you will leave with the knowledge and skills needed to create beautiful hand-crafted Soft Spine books.  Go home with a completed book ready to be used.

This binding is very similar to the Codex or Flat Back bindings, what most people think of as a hard cover book.  Kendra has simplified a few steps and made this binding doable for even the most beginner bookbinder.  Leave with a finished book in just one night.

This binding is suitable for both beginning and advanced bookbinders.

We will be using pre-sewn text blocks, please specify if you would like lined or blank pages.

Instruction manuals, and a few tools will be available for purchase that evening if you wish.

Please bring with you: Apron, quart size jar, ruler, mechanical pencil, scissors, large heavy book (to use as weight), self-healing cutting mat, glue brush (1/2-1" wide flat tip paint brush, medium to high quality), x-acto knife or scalpel*, bone folder*, small pray bottle      *=limited number available for purchase at class           

This class is located in Bothell, WA and exact address will be given after you have registered.  If you have any questions please email Kendra at

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